google adsense

I’ve been developing websites since the start of this year (2009), and as I stumbled upon the world of domaining, I started to invest and buy lots of domain names. Fast forward to 4 months later, I’ve set my eyes on minisites and have been developing them ever since. So 15 minisites later, I have $100 in my Google Adsense

… For a lot of people out theme $100 is a small earning, but for me it is a milestone. The first goal of every publisher is to receive their first payment from their PPC. Minisites have been my tool to reach that goal, and thanks to the power of domain names I’m finally able to do it.

advertisement placement minisite— Minisite Advertisement Placement is the key —

It wasn’t easy to reach, from disappointing $0 a day to going to a few cents then to a dollar a day. One of the biggest mistakes I had was I focused on traffic than anything else, my minisites were getting nice traffic but I had a low CTR (Click Through Rate). I initially thought, it could be people aren’t interested, they close because they were looking for something else. But I was wrong, they actually spent time reading through and my biggest problem was Ad placement. What I did was saturate the sidebar which nobody really paid attention to. What I did next was to move the ads in the content and wrap the content around it. My CTR then improved to around 20% which really made the difference to the jump to $1 / day.

My domain names are still less than a year old and its already receiving good traffic, what more a year later? Instead of parking my domain names, I’ve made it earn more thru minisites and pick up SEO. I’m expecting that as it ages it should be receiving a good 5 – 10% increase in traffic. As for now, I’ll focus on developing my portfolio, some on minisites and some as full blown websites (web 2.0). So if there are any developers out there who’d like to partner for a development for Philippines, I’m open for partnerships (Contact me here).

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